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Sand Box Plans
For backyard play equipment a sandbox is good place to start! Children can have hours of fun in a sandbox using their imaginations, building castles, towns or cites. The plans for this sandbox are very simple.
  • Build a sandbox

  • Curb Appeal
    One of the most important aspects of your house is the first impression it makes on prospective buyers.
    This is true of how it looks when a buyer drives up as well as how it looks in that picture online or in the listings.
    You should plan on spending some money to improve your house's curb appeal, but it shouldn't break the bank, and it will pay off with the sale of your home.

  • Curb Appeal

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    FAQ's and Previously Asked Questions
    Q: I require any and all information, tips, thoughts, ideas, etc. with regards to building a fence. My driveway runs beside my house and extends approximately 6ft. past the rear of my house. I currently have a 4ft. chain link fence with a man gate and a section that lifts out so that I can access the back yard with a vehicle.
  • find out more in Fence questions

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    Build these window boxes
    Many houses' styles are brightened and improved with colorful flowers in window boxes. These boxes are simple to build and in a weekend you can dress up your home and add the color and beauty the flowers can bring.
  • Window Box Plans

  • A picnic table
    is a project you can buy all the material for and build in a day. Relatively simple and straight forward you can build a table that will last for decades.
  • Picnic table plans

  • Or
  • A Picnic table with a 4 ft Sq Top

    A garden bench
    is a nice addition to your garden or for any outdoor location needing a comfortable long-lasting bench.
  • Garden Bench plans

    A simple bench
    to build in just over an hour. Using only two 2x10s, this bench is simple and inexpensive, yet comfortable and long lasting.
  • Simple Bench plans

    Installing a walkway
    or slab can be done quickly and simply, with great results, if you have the proper materials, tools, and preparation.
  • Plans for a concrete walk

    Or how about Brick?
    A brick patio walkway or driveway can be built with our great easy Seven Step Directions.
  • Plans for a brick patio, walkway or driveway.

    Basketball Courts
    Well once you buy your pole and backboard and you put it up, how do you go about marking the court? Even if you are only putting in a small court, you would always want to mark your free throw line and 3 point line.
  • Basketball Court Dimensions

    Rain Chains
    Take a look at a different, decorative way to end your roof gutters. Water will flow down a copper downspout. We review this product.
  • Rain Chains

    Tool Box Plans
    tool box Here are the plans for building an easy to construct yet handy to have tool box. I made mine almost 20 years ago, I think as a temporary box, but since it has lasted I have used it continuously ever since.
    It is the sort to throw your tools in when heading to a job site or to the yard...
  • Toolbox Plans


    Use the flexible
    perforated pipe for drainage and leach beds rather than the perforated hard PVC pipe. The holes are smaller allowing only water in and evenly spaced in corrugated valleys to carry the water away.
  • Drainage and Runoff

    Drainage Pipe Placement
    When laying drainage pipe along your footer or in a wet area to drain the water.. do the holes go up or do they go down?
  • Here is the answer!

    Retaining walls
    come in two general types: wet or dry. The dry type is constructed without mortar and so, is the easier of the two to build. The main drawbacks to the dry wall are that it should not exceed three feet in height and it is not as stable as the wet wall.
  • Building a Retaining Wall

    Product Review
    Detailed Play Systems have taken the guesswork out of building a backyard playset for you. He runs a business that provides everything you will need to complete your own backyard playground project except the lumber.
  • Detailed playsets

    Check out our hints
    for the outdoors. And send us yours to add to this list!
  • Hints for the outdoors
  • And even more tips for outdoors

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