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Due to the complexities of the Internet, it is necessary that we cover some basic ground rules.

  1. In contributing and using this site, please keep your comments honest and tasteful.

  2. Messages posted on this site do not necessarily represent the opinions of Handyman Wire including their taste, reliability, originality, and copyright.

  3. Handyman Wire reserves the right to remove messages or material that is deemed defamatory, obscene or otherwise unexceptable or not in keeping with the theme of this site.

  4. The advice "experts" go to great lengths to provide professional and reliable guidance. Neither the "experts" nor Handyman Wire guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this site.

  5. Unless otherwise indicated, all rights, titles, content, comment, or other information submitted to Handyman Wire shall vest in Handyman Wire.

  6. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials contained in Handyman Wire are the property of Handyman Wire and may not be used by others for commercial purposes. No material from Handyman Wire may be reproduced, or republished without written permission from Handyman Wire. (But ask.. we more than likely would have no problem with you using our material.)

  7. The forum software does leave a cookie on your machine when you visit the forums. This is used by the forum software to help with your login process. It is not used in any way by HandymanWire to track anything about you. Your name, email address or any other information will not be knowingly used or sold by this site to any third party. If the software didn't need to use the cookie, I wouldn't even have it.

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