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Building a Deck
When fastening ledger/header boards to wood, the ledger can be held securely with nails or lag screws. Use aluminum flashing to keep water from getting behind your ledger board. This should tuck up under your siding and bend down over the ledger, then down the face of the ledger board. Where aluminum or vinyl siding is in place, carefully cut siding away from house so that ledger/header board can be secured directly to the house.
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    Q: I am erecting a 12x14' deck and would like to know if using 2x6 joist hangers spaced 16" on centre with approx. a 5' span will be strong enough to support the decking without too much bounce
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    Deck Design
    Elevated decks have generally been supported by 4x4 and 6x6 solid timber posts. Under a properly designed deck, these can provide very satisfactory support. Deck posts support the deck above, they are its foundation. The first consideration, then, should be the ability of a post to support the structure and the people on it.
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  • Use these
    tables to calculate beam, joist and post sizes when designing your deck.
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  • Prepare the site.
    With a spade or sod cutter, remove sod to a depth of 2 or 3 ". Uncover an area approximately 2 ft. larger than the planned deck. It's unlikely that grass would be able to grow in the shadow of your deck, so you might as well transfer the sod to a bare spot in your yard where it would be useful.
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    These sturdy, attractive benches will really add to your deck!
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  • Supporting your deck
    with posts set properly in the ground will ensure it lasts
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  • Wood doesn't last forever,
    but its life can be extended considerably with a little help and know-how on your part. There’s something for almost any deck owner here, so please read the following information on caring for your deck.
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    A humorous story relating one of our veiwer's deck building experiences.
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  • Dealing with wood
    and how it expands and contracts, is a practical necessity if you want your project to last.
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    Just built that deck and want to screen it in? Check out our review of Screen Den's Products.
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    Here is a collection of our hints and tips on decks.
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