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Got a Wet Basement?
To solve the wet basement dilemma requires knowing where the water is coming from. Often that hole in the earth (your basement) winds up being BELOW the water table when the water table rises during hard rains or wet springs. Sometimes the water is coming from poorly directed roof drains or puddles forming along the foundation.
  • How to keep your basement dry

  • Heating Loss
    Believe it or not, today’s average well-insulated home loses 1/5 of its total heating bill to the earth and air surrounding the basement. The average homeowner can save $140 each year by insulating their basement.

    How do know whether your basement walls are wet due to water seepage or condensation in the air?
    Try taping a 1 ft. square piece of aluminum foil to the wall with some duct tape. After a couple days inspect the foil.
    If the foil side facing the wall is moist, you have water seepage into the basement. Find a masonry sealer like ThoroSeal to waterproof the wall.
    If the foil side facing the room is moist, you have condensation and need better air circulation and or a dehumidifier.
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    Q: We insulated our basement two years ago, but recently we found out that it could give problems of condensation and mildew seeping through the dry wall and make the basement room feel mildew. Have we done anything wrong by putting the fiberglass insulation against the wall and paper against the dry wall?
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