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Reading a Tire
Your tire contains very useful information molded into the sidewall. It shows the name of the tire, its size, whether it is tubeless or tube type, the maximum load and maximum inflation, the important safety warning and much other information.
  • How to Read a Tire

  • Jump starting a car

    Jumper Cables are a "must have" item for every car. Knowing how to use them, then would also be necessary. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Never allow the two cars to touch.
    • Never allow the jumper cable clamps to touch while any clamps are attached to the battery.
    • Wear eye protection if you can.
    • Keep the engine in the good car running.
    Read our step by step directions

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    Learning About Cars
    On October 2, 1998, I became the proud recipient of my driver's license. Although I vaguely knew that there would be some great car-and-driver learning experiences up ahead, I had no idea what to expect. Needless to say, I was in for quite a few surprises. For the benefit of other clueless drivers, I decided I should share my tiny fountain of knowledge.
  • Learning about Cars

  • Jump Start Your Car
    A step by step guide to jump starting your car.
  • How to jump start your car

  • How is your Battery?
    Battery Maintenance and Care in:
  • Battery Care

  • Gasoline Octane Ratings
    Which is right for YOUR car?
  • Facts about Octane Ratings

  • Prepare your engines for winter!
    Before putting away all those gas powered tools away for the winter, treat the fuel.
  • Winterize your Gas

  • Automobile Hints and Tips
    A collection of our hints and tips for your car.
  • Automobile Tips

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