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building a tool box

tool box Here are the plans for building an easy to construct yet handy to have tool box. I made mine almost 20 years ago, I think as a temporary box, but since it has lasted I have used it continuously ever since.
It is the sort to throw your tools in when heading to a job site or to the yard...

I am giving you the directions exactly as I built mine, with one exception. I have made it one inch longer. Mine is exactly 24 inches inside and as such has always been a tight fit for my 2 foot level and framing square. So, this one is 25 inches inside.. it will give you a little breathing room.

The parts are all 3/8 inch plywood with the exception of the ends. I made those with 1/2 plywood for strength and probably because that is what I had on hand. The handle is a 3/4 inch hardwood dowel. If you are using different size plywood, because that is what YOU have on hand, just adjust the dimensions accordingly.

tool box parts
Cut two ends 12 x 14, mark the top, center. Measure two inches centered at the top and then cut down to a mark 6 inches up from the bottom. Drill your 3/4 inch hole through the two ends 1 inch down from the top to the center of the 3/4 inch hole.

Cut all the other pieces in nice rectangles:

  • Bottom: 12 x 26
  • Two sides 6 x 25 each
  • Tray bottom 5 x 25
  • two Tray sides 2 1/2 x 25 each

Cut one 3/4 inch dowel 26 1/4 inches long. (so it sticks out 1/8 inch on either side)

Ok, all the parts are to be glued and then nailed together. You are nailing into the edges of plywood, so, use 6d finish nails and be carefull that they go in straight.

First make the tray.
Glue and nail the bottom of the tray between the two tray sides.

Next, glue and nail the sides to one of the ends, then add the tray to that end as well.
Flip the end over so the sides and try are pointing up into the air, and glue and nail on the other end.

Glue and nail the bottom to the ends and sides. Then slip in the dowel and glue it in, and add a nail down into it from the edge of the end.

tool box

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