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Spice up Your Room with Tin Ceiling Panels

Decorative Tin Ceiling Panels

Looking for a ceiling treatment that takes you back in time? Pressed tin is a handsome architectural accent from the late 1800ís and early 1900ís, and it makes any ceiling a masterpiece. Pressed tin ceiling tiles are a first-class alternative for problem ceilings and walls. Ceiling tiles are obtainable in a beautiful assortment of patterns that are characterized by elaborate swirling vines, pretty ropes, floral patterns, and more.

What Is The Price Of Tin Ceilings?

American Tin Ceilings has a cost estimator on its website, where you can complete each step of a wizard to get an accurate estimate of the costs. The estimator takes into account your room size, and the panel type, pattern, color, and options. Remember this is only an estimate and it does not account for sales/discounts or for complex bedroom shapes. A 12x12 room can be done for around $500 including shipping and a couple tiles for mistakes.

More tips

  • The panels come in a variety of colors and finishes. And there are a multitude of patterns to choose from.
  • All Tin ceilings should have a crown molding. A tin ceiling without crown molding is like a picture without a picture frame.
  • For rooms 12x12 a 12 inch pattern should be used. On larger rooms a 24 inch pattern can be used.
  • Small rooms or rooms with a low ceiling should use white or a very light color.
  • Tin panels can be installed to sheetrock, plaster and popcorn ceilings. They are either screwed in or nailed in depending on the type of panel you install.

    Painting A Tin Ceiling

    Tin ceilings are painted before they get pressed to the ceiling, and painting them is easy. Brushes with a width of about 2-3 inches are the largest you should use when painting the base color of your panels. Keep in mind that the ceiling will always be quite a few feet over your head so exceedingly fine details may not be seen from that distance.

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