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Deck Tables

Table 1 Minimum Beam Sizes

Table 1
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Table 2 Minimum Post sizes

		Load Area (sq. ft)=
Height		beam spacing x post spacing
(ft)		48	72	96	120	144
up to 6		4x4	4x4	6x6	6x6	6x6
up to 8		6x6	6x6	6x6	6x6	6x6
Vertical loads figured as concentric along axis.
No Lateral loads considered

Table 3 Recommended Spans for
spaced deck boards

		Spans in Inches
		Laid Flat				Laid on Edge
5/4x4	5/4x6		2x4	2x6			2x4
16	16/24**		16	16/24**			48
**Although 24 inches is a safe span, undesirable 		
deflection or springiness may occurr.

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Table 4 Maximum allowable

 spans for deck joists
Joist size	Joist	spacing
(inches)	16	24				
2x6		9'-9"	7'-11"
2x8		12'-10"	10'-6"
2x10		16'-5"	13'-4"

Table 5 Railings

Distance	Post 		Cap
between		size		size
posts		(inches)	(inches)			
2' to 3'	2x4		2x4
3' to 4'	2x4, 4x4	2x4, 2x6
4' to 6'	2x6, 4x4	2x6
Side rails can be nominal 1" or 2"
lumber of varying widths	
Tables are based on lumber with 1200 psi bearing stress
rating and a live load of 40 psf.

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