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Saw Horse Plans

sawhorse complete From time to time I have received requests for plans for simple saw horses. This is a project that seems to be built more out of necessity then a planned project and built with materials at hand rather than making a special trip to the lumber yard. But the plans shown here are from the saw horses I have used for an eon. They have held up to everything I have put them up to and are fairly simple to build so I will share these plans.

The height and length of course are arbitrary, as are most aspects of this project, so feel free to build to suit your own needs.

Lets start

The top is made from a 2x6 cut 33" long. The ends each have 3 inch by 1 inch notches cut out for the four legs.
Each leg is cut roughly 27 inches long from a 2x4.

sawhorse legs

The legs are nailed to the top with 12d nails but don't nail them all the way home just yet.  I never bothered to cut the notches at an angle to hold the legs at their predetermined angle.  (this has never seemed to weaken the saw horse any, though I am certain that doing so would add some strength.)

sawhorse plywood brace Next cut some plywood in to 12" squares. Setting the legs about 19" apart at the base, hold the plywood up to the base and mark it for cutting it flush to the legs. Making both angled cuts equal will ensure the legs are set an equal angle.

When the plywood pieces are cut you can nail them

sawhorse more

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Next cut some 1x4 to fit all the way around the legs to fit just under the plywood, on each pair of legs and then across the length of the saw horse on both sides. Nailing these pieces on as you go. Check that the legs are square with the top before nailing the two long braces across from each pair of legs.

Finally finish nailing the legs in tight to the top.

sawhorse complete sawhorse complete Oh, and don't paint them.. good saw horses get that nice rough look they deserve with out any paint or finish.

If you have any questions or comments on this article, please email us.

One of our readers who calls himself Joe the Carpenter has written to me with the following suggested improvements:

Make the legs out of 1 x 8 spruce, and angle them down to 4 inches at the bottom, in lay them in to the 2 x 6.
Use the same end plywood, but in lay it, into the legs. Shorten one horse in length so that it will fit under the the other, you can then stack them, when you are not using them.
Use screws instead of nails to put them together, with a little wood glue.
You will find these horses very strong and light weight.

Joe, thanks for the input.

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