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Deck Tips

Pressure Treated Wood
Frost Line Requirements
Digging Underground

Pressure Treated Wood


We use pressure-treated wood for many outside projects these days: decks, fences, landscaping, etc. Even though the wood lasts for a long time, it helps to apply a water-repellant coating every couple years to help reduce splintering, and twisting. The manufacturer recommends how often to treat the wood or you could ask at the local lumber store.

Frost Line Requirements

How Far Down?

Check with your local building department to determine the exact depth you need to build post holes and foundations in outdoor projects. You definitely want to dig the hole down to the FROST LINE,(the depth to which the soil freezes in your area).
Builders go to the frost line because any structure whose base is not below the depth where the ground freezes will raise the structure unevenly and leave it out of plumb. SO FIND OUT THE FACTS!!

Digging Underground


Call your local utility company asking about the location of any underground wires and pipes in your yard BEFORE you commence digging. They provide this service for FREE, usually. You can save yourself dangerous and costly surprises.

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