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Projects and Plans

How To Build A Deck Part 1. Posted Jan 1, 1999. Step by step directions for planning and designing your deck.
How To Build A Deck Part 2. Posted Jan 9, 1999. Step by step directions for building your deck.
Deck Bench PlansPosted April 15, 2001.Build our sturdy, attractive, and easy to construct benches for your deck.
Post HolesPosted August 27, 1999.How to support your deck using concrete posts below ground, wood above.
Build a Sandbox Posted Feb 15, 1999. Step by step instructions to build a simple sandbox.
Build a Sand Table Posted Aug 21, 1009. Step by step instructions to build a sand table for the kids.
Build a Simple Workbench Posted Feb 27, 1999. Step by step instructions to build a simple workbench.(these plans by request!)
Child's Desk PlansPosted Jan 14, 2012.Build our sturdy and attractive desk for your child or grandchild.
Garden Bench PlansPosted May 5, 2005.Build our sturdy, attractive, and easy to construct bench for your garden, lake-side, or walking trail.
Simple Bench PlansPosted Nov 26, 2010.Build our simple, inexpensive easy to construct bench using just two 2x10s.
Want to keep that basement dry? posted May 10, 1999. The how-to on making and keeping your basement dry.
Plans for Window Boxes posted May 23, 1999. Step by step directions for building window box planters for your home.
Plans for a Picnic Table posted June 7, 1999. Step by step directions for building a Picnic Table.
Plans for a Square Picnic Table posted July 17, 2012. Directions for building a Picnic Table with a 4 ft sq top.
Plans for a concrete walkposted August 22, 1999 Plans and step by step directions for planning, forming and pouring a walkway or slab.
Plans for a brick walk, patio or drivewayposted October 16, 2000 Plans and step by step directions for planning, and building a brick walkway, patio or driveway.
Basketball Court Dimensions posted September 18,1999 A simple article giving the dimensions for that basketball court you just put in.
Saw Horse Plans posted November 1,1999 A simple article giving the dimensions and plans for building a rugged sawhorse.
Building a Retaining Wall posted March 20, 2000 An article giving advice on constructing a retaining wall.
Clothes drying rack plans posted May 19,2000 Simple plans for building a large, folding, clothes drying rack.
Simple Tool Box plans posted May 21,2000 Plans for building a simple yet handy toolbox.
Simple Bunk Bed or Loft plans posted Sept 1,2002 Plans for building bunks or loft beds for a dorm room.
Small Folding Table posted May 23,2006 Plans for building a cute small folding table.
New! Child's Clothes Tree posted Jan 27, 2014 Plans for building a clothes tree for a child.


How to clear clogged drains posted October 23, 1999. Tips and directions on clearing clogs in your home's drains.
How to make simple toilet repairs posted October 23, 1999. Everything you wanted to know about toilet repairs, well almost.
Care and Feeding of Your Septic System posted February 10, 2002. An explanation of how your system works and how to maintain it.
Sweating Copper Pipe posted February 19, 2002. Simple steps to get that copper pipe joint right.
Fixing Faucet Leaks posted February 7, 2004. Follow the simple steps to repair a leaking faucet.


Wiring 3-Way and 4-Way switches Posted April 3, 1999. Wiring instructions for wiring switches (with figures).
Grounding your outlets Posted March 23, 2001. Instructions for how to get ground protection for your outlets.
Reverse Polarity Posted March 24, 2001. How to determine the if your outlets have reverse polarity and how to correct it.
Electric Generator Safety posted September 22, 2010. Follow our safety guidlelines when using your generator.
Home Network posted April 26, 2002. Get started setting up a home network for your computers.
Increase Wire Size posted November 23, 2002. Learn why increasing wire size will pay for itself!
AFCI, Arc Fault Current Interrupter breakers posted December 8, 2002. Learn about the new AFCI breakers.
Upgrading Your Electrical Service posted February 16, 2005. Should you upgrade your service?
Types of electrical outlets posted May 10, 2006. A look at recepticals for different amperages and voltages
Holiday Electrical Safety posted Nov 11, 2010. Follow our guildelines to help ensure your safety this holiday season


Painting Preparation Basics posted July 31,2005. Before you get started, read this.
Three Guidelines To Help You Decorate Your Walls posted April 8,1999. Some tips to consider when you are planning to do SOMETHING with your walls.
Drywall Patch posted July 5,1999. A short article guiding you through the steps to repair a hole in your drywall.
Interior Painting posted Septmeber 11,1999. A complete step by step article on painting rooms in your home.
Wallpaper Removal posted October 13, 1999. Some tips suggestions on removing wallpaper.
Wallpaper Your Bathroom posted APril 12, 2011. Papering that tricky bathroom.
Mountain Retreat posted August 1, 2003. Decorate you summer retreat like a mountain resort.
Fall and Winter Colors posted August 17, 2003. Welcome the colors of Fall and Winter.

Insulation/Vapor barriers/Condensation

Home Energy Efficiency Audit posted November 19,2010. Use our audit checklist to find areas to improve around your home
Vapor Barriers Basics posted July 5,1999. Some basic facts about vapor barriers and attic ventilation.
Insulation posted July 5,1999. Some basic facts about Insulation, R-Values, and where to insulate.
R Values posted November 28,1999. Recommended R values for the USA and Canada.
Moisture in the home posted July 25,1999. A question and answer article on dealing with moisture in the home, vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, etc.
Dealing with Condensation Problems in your home posted September 17, 1999 A complete article on dealing with condensation.
Maintain your Steam Heating System posted December 26, 2006 Tips on Steam Heating Systems.
Furnace Buying Guide posted January 3, 2008. What to look for in a new furnace.
Keep your Cool posted July 25,1999. 7 tips on keeping your house cool in summer and keeping those energy bills down.
Conservation Tips posted Novermber 28,1999. Tips for conserving fuel during the heating season.
Ice Dams posted January 27, 2001. What causes Ice Dams, what do the do, and how to eliminate them.
Proper Indoor Humidity posted January 5, 2003. What humidity level is correct for your home??

Automobiles and Small Engines

Learning about cars by Michelle, Posted Feb 6, 1999. A humorous look at learning about her "new" car.
Gasoline Octane Readings posted January 10, 2003. Facts about the right Octane level gasoline for your car.
How to read a tire posted November 18, 1999. A description of the information found on a tires sidewall.
How jump start you car posted October 11, 2001. A step by step guide to jump starting your car.
Battery Care posted January 20, 2007. Maintanence and Care Guide.
Winterize your fuel posted January 10, 2003. Prepare your small engines for winter lay-up.


Rain Chains posted April 25, 2011. A look at a different, decorative downspout.
PureAyre Posted August 10, 2006. A review of a great odor removal solution.
Interior/Exterior Home Improvement Costs posted December 6, 2000. A book review of a pair of excellent books for determining the cost of most home improvement projects.
The Builder's Secret posted September 5, 1999. A short review of a DIYer's look at why we do it ourselves.
Detailed Play Systems posted September 6, 1999. A product review of Detailed Play System's backyard play equipment plans and products.
Screen Den posted March 18, 2001. A product review of Screen Den's Do-it-yourself screen products.
Wide Boy posted May 31, 2001. A product review of Wide Boys' Score N Snap tape measure.
Custom Built Spa Posted sometime in 2001. A review of a complete book on building your own spa.
PIN-EEZ Posted Jan 13, 2002. A review of a handy hinge pin removal tool.
ThumbSaver Posted Oct 1, 2006. A review of a great new nail holding tool.


Appliance Installation Tips posted Sept 1, 2000. Save yourself time, money and aggravation by following these tips when installing your new appliance.
Refrigerator and Freezer Maintenance posted March 13, 2000. Some tips to keep your Fridge and Freezer humming.
Dryer Maintenance posted March 13, 2000. Some tips and ideas keeping your dryer in good repair.
Stove and Range Maintenance posted March 19, 2000. Some tips and ideas keeping your stove or range clean and in good order.
Washer Maintenance posted March 24, 2000. Some tips and ideas keeping your washing machine in good repair.
Appliance Hints and Tips posted March 17, 2001. Some tips and hints we have collected on appliances.
Air Conditioner Maintenance 101 posted October 17, 2007. Some tips on maintaining your AC unit.


A buyers guide to Roofing posted August 5,1999. An excellent article all about roofing. This includes all the information you will need if you are buying a new roof.
Slate Roof Repair posted April 12,2005. A homeowners guide to repairing a slate roof.


Dealing with Wood Movement Posted Jan 17, 1999. Some practical ideas for dealing with wood movement
Spice up your ceiling Posted Oct 14, 2008. Tips for installing a Tin Ceiling
Winterize Your House Posted Oct 14, 2008. Heading south for the winter?
Household Child Safety Check-List Posted Feb 7, 1999. Do you have young children around the house? Check this out.
Green Spring Cleaning Posted March 30, 1999. A look at old fashioned "green" cleaning recipes.
A guide to Caring for your deck. posted August 15,1999. All about finishing and cleaning your deck.
Deck Cleaning Tips. posted December 2, 2002. Spruce up and protect your deck this spring.
Drainage and Runoff posted September 12, 1999. Some tips and ideas on dealing with pipe for drainage or runoff.
Drainage Pipe Placement posted August 29, 2004. Do the holes go up or down??
Radiant Floor Heating posted Sept 1, 2000. Install electric radiant floor heating.
Building a Deck posted August,2002 A humorous story about deck building.

See also our FAQ Index and our Hints Index for tons more information and tips.

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