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Generator hookup Q's & A's

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Wiring for Generator Hook Up

My generator has a 4 hole receptacle for 220, but my dryer plug is 3 hole receptacle.   I hear this is the easiest way to power house without lots of cords

The center or 4th hole is for a neutral. That way you can get 110 from this outlet as well as 220.

When a load is applied from either hot feed to the neutral you get 110, from one hot to the other, you get the 220.

If your dryer outlet does not have the 4th hole, you can wire up the plug with that fourth hole not connected to anything. You will be bringing in 220, and there is no real reason to bring in the neutral anyway.

Make sure you check all the holes with a voltmeter so you know which are which when wiring them. Remember electricity kills.

Be careful

(oh make SURE when you use this setup that you OPEN your main on the house. This will prevent your generator from trying to supply the whole street and more important will keep you from killing a lineman that may be working on what he thinks is a dead line)

Generator hook-up

I have a 5000-watt generator I want to back feed to my breaker box. I have a four prong, 220v, 20amp outlet, and a 3 prong, 120v, 30amp.outlet. I want to run the wire from my breaker box about 25feet to an outlet, then hook it to my generator. with a six-foot extension cord. My question is what size wire do I run from breaker box to outlet, what kind of outlet, and what size wire extension cord?

Please do not even consider connecting your generator to the panel without installing a "Transfer Switch" between the generator and the distribution panel. You could KILL someone. It will disconnect your panel from the power lines when you are using your generator. Then there is no chance of you electrocuting a lineman who may be working on the line, and your generator will not burn up when the power is turned back on. You wouldn't want to cause someone's death.

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