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Square 'n Tape

Use your Tape Measure for more than just measuring

A product review

This is a handy addition to your tape measure. It adds a few functions to your tape to keep you from reaching for another tool, saving you time.

This simple add on to your favorite tape measure will allow you to add 8 features not presently on your reliable tape. It provides the following:
  • Ability to mark a 90 degree square mark
  • notches for 45 and 22.5 degrees
  • a reusuable note pad for jotting down dimensions
  • notches to allow scribing at 3.5 and 1.5 inches for standard stud and 2x2 dimensions
  • Easy measuring for single stud and double stud layout.

    I found the note pad and the 90 degree square features the most useful. It can keep you from finding your square for every cross-cut. The note pad also came in pretty handy.

    The biggest drawback was just the awkwardness of having something attached to the side of my tape measure. I'm a right-handed person, and the tool is attached to where my hand holds the tape measure, and it didn't fit neatly in my hand. Perhaps with time I would get used to it.

    If you have more than one tape in your box, you might want one with the square'n tape to give you a tool that can help in many situations. Priced right at just under $6.

    If you are interested in ordering one, go to Square n Tape .

    You can get one on Amazone or

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