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Happy New Year!
Handyman Resolutions

It is a new year. A time for new beginnings and resolutions. So how about a few for us handy folk? There are many projects we put off, or have started but never finished. Plus with this being winter, it is a good time for us to address some items we don't have time for when the weather is warm. Here are a few that come to mind that are a good start to a new year.

Take some time to sharpen up all your chisels. I like to spend the time to get them real sharp and polished so when I need them they are ready.
Saw Blades. When was the last time you had your favorites sharpened? That would include your chainsaw blade, if you haven't already tuned that one up.
Lawnmower blades. Now there is an idea. Who really wants to even unbury it from its winter hiding place, but it would be nice to start the spring with a sharp (or new) blade. And you know, when spring comes, you don't want to have to mess with that.
Oh, we can go on.. depends on what other tools you have. But you get the idea.

Clean and organize.
The shop, the garage, the basement, the tools, the tool boxes, the box where you throw all the nuts, bolts and every other useful item you find and can't part with. On my workbench there sits in the corner, that box, where everything goes till I find the time to sort it out. After sorting, why then it goes into one of those many baby food jars that I saved. Plus with my shop, now that my two boys are constantly working there too, sharing tools and space. It gets cluttered three times faster than it used to. The place can use a good cleaning. Besides, if you got a few new tools for Christmas, now is a good time to be finding them new homes. Ok, enough on cleaning and organizing.

Make a list.
Make a list of all those projects that you want to get done this year; a list of jobs for around the home, and a list of all the things you want to make this year. If you have a list of what you want to make, you can start picking up or looking for the supplies you will need. It also will let you prioritize and discuss with the boss, which jobs should get done first.

What new projects will you start this year? There are a few I will have to resolve to do. The floor in our family room is to be hardwood. I promised. The roof on the house needs to be replaced, ugh. Oh the projects are already piling up... I do resolve to get them all done.. this year!

Happy New Year, and work safe!

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