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Handyman Wish List

Merry Christmas!

With Christmas almost here, I thought we should give Santa a little help and provide you a list of things the handyman or handywoman in your life would probably love to have for Christmas. Hopefully you will get this list in time to hit the hardware store or home center in time for some last minute shopping.

First off, I always tell my wife, that you can never have enough screw drivers. I don't know about you, but I like to have them handy; in the kitchen, in the basement, in the garage and in the cars.

I believe in buying good quality tools too. There are few things worse than having a tool fail you when you need it. So go with good name brands, ones with life-time garrantees.

Ok, if your handyperson is a woodworker, an orbital sander is a wonderful addition, if they don't have one. Or a good set of chisels.

Clamps too, are the sort of thing a woodworker never has enough of. Any kind in any size are good and will be well appreciated for a life time. I have been in the middle of a project and used every single clamp I owned... and wished for more.

A leather nail-pouch/hammer holder is a great idea if they are planning any construction projects.

If their tape measure is worn out, you can get them a nice new one. Or get them a longer or shorter one, depending on what they have now. The tape measures with 1 inch wide tapes are great for extending the tape way out there... and that is one they probably don't have.

If they don't have a cordless drill, they don't know what they are missing. A drill with a 9.6V battery or larger is a must have for every handyperson. If they already have one, you can buy a new battery for it. Check the one they have to make sure you get one that is compatible. There are NiCad, and there are NickelMetalHydrides (NiMH), and some chargers won't charge the newer NickelMetal ones, so best to get one just like the ones they have. (Take it with you if you can)

If they do a lot of fine woodworking, and have a table saw or radial arm saw, a new carbide tipped blade may be just what the doctor, er handyman ordered. This depends on what they have already of course, so you will have to ask or poke around. But a good cross-cut or a good rip blade may be something they lack. You can stay away from a combination blade..they will likely have one of those.

How about some things that are good for them too. Like ear-muff type ear protectors so they will hear you 20 years from now. A new set of safety glasses or a face shield. Leather gloves for working with hot metal or in the garden.

Sharpening stones for sharpening their chisels, knives etc. You should get a set of three, hard medium and soft. And oil if you go with oil stones.

Ok, I guess I could go on and on but you have some shopping to do... here is just a list, with approximate prices:

  • Hammer                   $15
  • Screw Drivers          $12
  • Chisels (set of 3)     $10
  • Nail Pouch               $10-20
  • Pliars                        $12
  • Tape Measure        $5
  • Cordless Drill           $150
  • 9.6V Battery             $40
  • Saw Blade               $30-80
  • Ear Muffs                  $15
  • Safety Glasses        $12
  • Gloves                      $12-25
  • Sharpening stones $20
  • Clamps                    $5-30

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