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automobile hints and tips

Rusted lugnuts?

Ever have lug nuts rusted in place on your wheel studs while trying to change a flat tire? Or have so much corrosion on your spark plugs that they are locked tight in the cylinder head when you want to change them for routine maintenance? To avoid this kind of grief, the next time you install spark plugs and/or rotate your tires, coat the plug and wheel stud threads with an antiseize compound. You can purchase a tube for a few dollars at an auto parts store. The compound works better than penetrating oil, and saves you priceless time later when changing a tire or replacing spark plugs.

Trunk tool kit

Hint for the trunk, keep a small tool kit on hand at all times such as small hand pump, adjustable wrench, screw driver with multi-tips, knife with variety of blades, plus ten ft. of electrical wire. Among other things you can charge a battery with it from a friends car. You connect it to both batteries and let the car run for at least twenty minutes, then start the car.

Thanks to Ed Vatcher for this hint. Posted 2/27/99.

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